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Exciting things are afoot in ABC Dog School!

Dog Training Under Covid-19 Restrictions

Tnanks to the way I train, the COVID-19 restrictions don't really impact on what I do when training, either in classes or private consultations. This is a quick video about the information I’m working to as the WA government lifts #restrictions (there’s a link in the comments), but further lifting isn't really going to change how I operate. This covers gatherings of less than 10 people, 1.5m physical distancing and shared equipment.


To that end, when training privately or in classes:


- I help you to practice physical distancing, with cones actually at 5 metre intervals in classes. That helps dogs who may struggle to feel safe or concentrate with other dogs or people around. To determine if your dog is suitable ask yourself if they are able to accept treats with other dogs 5 metres away.


- I’ll be bringing hand sanitiser to classes, help yourself before and after if you wish.


- I also ask that you bring water for your dog and plenty of treats to reduce the risk of transmission.


We’re doing really well at suppressing covid spread in the community. Let’s continue doing all we can as the restrictions lift. Above all else, be kind and considerate to others.

A New Service! - Dog Walking by ABC Dog School

If you don't have time to do it, I'll help you by walking your dog!

That's right! On top of our other services, including the ,Walk and Train', ABC Dog School now offers a dog walking service!

The rate is $35 for one dog for an hour, during which I'll safely give your dog physical and mental enrichment, using whatever activities & games they enjoy. This may be a stiff walk, a game of fetch, or just a nice mosey along while they enjoy snuffling up whatever scents are available.

Thanks to my experience with Jade, I'm able to safely cater for special needs dogs, including dog fearful etc. ensuring your dog feels as supported & safe while they go about enjoying the environment.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

To book your place, go to the "buy now" button on the 'Services and Bookings' page.

ABC Dog School is in! - Bibra Lake Reserve

Dog obedience classes will be held at Bibra Lake reserve. Classes are Sunday mornings during school terms.

This is a class where you and your dog will receive information and start learning the skills needed for the foundations of positive reinforcement based obedience training. 
In this class you will learn how to teach your dog life skills like - focus, come, sit, drop, stay

All in a fun atmosphere designed to ensure your dog has the best possible chance of learning.

Class sizes are deliberately kept small to best help you and your dog succeed, so get in quick!

To book your place, go to the "buy now" button on the 'Services and Bookings' page.

Wanda Keightley

Cockburn area of Western Australia
Ph: 0416 295 138

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