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Cancellation Policy

What If My Dog Isn't Interested In Treats?

Cancellation Policy

My Dog Is Fearful or Aggressive 

Fearful or aggressive behaviour, especially changes in behaviour or inappropriate responses to begnin situations, is rarely simple. Often there is a medical or genetic reason behind these, which restricts the dog's ability to learn new skills. Don't despair though! Go see your local friendly Behaviour Vet professional, they are the only people qualified to assess a dog's behaviour & determine what course of action is appropriate. Once the medical side is sorted you will often find the dog is in a better place to learn, they have found their happy. Behaviour modification is often still required, to teach the dog new responses to old triggers, however they will be far easier to teach. If you're unsure get in contact, I am happy to refer you to one of the great Behaviour Vet professionals we're lucky to have in Perth.


And don't worry, your dog won't be a zombie if put on medication, and it may not be on it for the rest of their life, it merely adjusts their brain chemistry to enable them to learn.

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