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Wanda Keightley is a qualified dog trainer in the Cockburn area of Western Australia. Wanda passed her written and practical assessments after four years of gaining skills and learning, volunteering for a local dog club at which she honed her human and dog engagement skills. The qualification is as a result of successful completion & assessment of the Open College Network Level III certification in 'Principles of Dog Training and behaviour'.


From a young age Wanda was interested in learning how to build on human and animal communication and relationships, learning how to live with animals in a way that befits their status as humanity's companions, ensuring the safety of the dogs, their family and general public.


Despite having learned to use different methods in the past, Wanda now dedicates herself to learning of, and utilising, the latest in ethical positive reinforcement and force free training methodology currently available. Through learning to work with her current dog, as well as through her studies, Wanda has learned to effectively utilise these principles in building life skills, while also interested in pushing the knowledge further in order to approach animals with the kindness and respect they deserve. 

Wanda has a desire to continue learning about behaviour modification and management, intending to continue studying and gaining experience into the future. 

Jade Keightley is an American Staffy x rescue who entered Wanda's life like a cannonball. Over time, supported by some of the amazing trainers we're lucky to have in Perth, Wanda dedicated herself to learning how to work with Jade's multiple issues, relating to the generalised anxiety that a behaviour vet diagnosed when Jade was about a year old. Since that time a combination of medication, management and positive reinforcement training has successfully assisted Jade through her issues, including fear aggression of dogs, resource guarding, panic attacks and frantic excitement towards people. Jade still needs management due to her issues, but reassures Wanda regularly that she is very happy, loves life, and the fun training games that they play together.

Wanda with friend's dogs - Photo by Kathlene Oliver

Jade happy and relaxed before a vet visit

Wanda Keightley

Cockburn area of Western Australia
Ph: 0416 295 138

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